The Good News: Known People Who Overcame Gambling Problems

The Good News Known People Who Overcame Gambling Problems

Who Overcame Gambling Problems. 2020 has been a problematic year for many, so it would be best to add some pint of positive news. It is not new to us if we hear known people become addicted to gambling. Celebrities can afford them, and it is an excellent source of joy and money.

In this article, we shall not delve into how they become so hooked to a casino game that they cannot escape. Instead, let us know those who were able to fight the evils of addiction and are now back to their usual selves. Some of them may ring a bell, while others are not as famous as other stars.

Known People Who Overcame Gambling Problems

#1. Gladys Knight

One of the greatest hits of this American singer was ‘That’s What Friends Are For.’ She won many Grammy Awards during her career and even recorded the song ‘License to Kill’, the theme song of a James Bond movie. Despite her successful career as the Empress of Soul, this woman battled her gambling problem for years.

She may be lucky because of her talents, but she is not safe from losing a lot in one of her casino games back in the day. The best thing about Gladys’ journey is that the addiction did not last very long. It only took one meeting for her to realize the mistakes that she is doing.

#2. Jeremy Kyle

This TV host was not safe from the vices of gambling. He is famous for his self-titled show that lasted for 14 years. In his book entitled ‘I’m Only Being Honest,’ Jeremy narrated how debt took over his life after his inability to control his casino spree.

He could not stop himself from gambling even if he does not feel any satisfaction anymore. Day in and out, you can see him sitting on one of the chairs in a casino hall until such time that he cannot pay what he owes. Lucky for him, he was able to seek help, and now he is raising awareness about addiction.

#3. David Bradford

He is now the director of Safer Online Gambling Group, whose aim is to help addicts overcome their problems and tighten online gambling policies. David knew how it feels like when you do not see that you are deep down addiction’s abyss.

Along with his son, Adam, they are beginning to address the loopholes in GAMSTOP, and they try their best to connect with politicians to lobby their concern about online casinos and other forms of gambling.


To the people who are suffering the same problems, you should not lose hope. It does not mean that you cannot find your peace once you get out of control. It may be hard to accept that you have a gambling addiction, but you are one step closer to the tunnel’s light once you face your problem. Many people are willing to support you, and who knows, advocating against it will become your passion.

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